Skoda Panel Beater

RJ Don Panelbeaters prides itself on our loyal clientele and our expertise in Skoda repairs. Panel beating consists of reshaping the metal on the body of a car with metal working hammers, dollies, tin snips, and body files. As a team familiar with the elegant make of a Skoda, we offer services with a quick turn-around and attentive craftsmanship. We also liaise with all major insurance companies on your behalf to finalise our services. It’s important to find mechanics that you trust – so please contact us to discuss our services and to receive a free quote.

Skoda Car Repair – Auckland

Skoda Refinishing & Paint Work

As Skoda repair specialists, our Automotive Refinish team combines seamless colour matching with our in-depth knowledge of sealant applications and the unique make of each model. Our affordable refinishing and paint work uses the latest European De Beer 900+ water-based paint technology, and cover a wide range of services from resprays and body sanding to smaller Skoda paint touch ups. Our team can spot-paint vehicle parts, or even update the colour of your entire vehicle for a beautiful and sustainable finish.

Skoda Chassis repair

Chassis repairs involve the bodyshell of a car, which may affect its suspension, steering, and braking systems. Attending to the chassis can result in a better-quality ride and safer structural support. A broken or corroded chassis may also cause injury for you and your passengers on the road. Our team is happy to help with any insurance worries you may have, and can advise you on common problems, such as rust corroding the chassis or realigning the Skoda’s frame. Our superb local suppliers guarantee good fitment and excellent pricing.

Skoda Dents and Collision repairs

Although getting a scratch or scuff is common in a city as bustling as Auckland, attending to your Skoda through dent repairs and scratch removals will serve you better in the long run. A small exterior scratch can quickly depreciate your Skoda’s value and may cause greater problems further along the line. Removing external damage is always cheaper than replacing an entire body piece – do check with our team before you replace a Skoda part. Our team also specialises in collision repairs, providing top replacement equipment for excellent fitment and a cohesive look.

Skoda approved specialist

RJ Don Panelbeaters currently has a team of five Skoda-approved panel beaters, who hold Silver I-Car recognition and Platinum I-Car recognition. Choosing RJ Don Panelbeaters means insurance protection and peace of mind, as we liaise with all major insurance companies. You’ll also have our lifetime guarantee on all our paint and panel work, which means we ensure that your Skoda remains safe and retains its worth and longevity. Please contact our Glenfield team for a free quote on Skoda repairs.