Mitsubishi Panel Beater

Your very own Auckland Mitsubishi specialist – RJ Don Panelbeaters prides itself on transparent service and expert craftsmanship with outstanding value and quality. Panel beating consists of reshaping the metal on the body of a car using the tools and techniques of specialist bodywork technicians. Our Glenfield team understand the stress of a damaged or underperforming vehicle. We liaise with all major insurance companies on your behalf to finalise our panel beating and paintwork to make things easier for you. We also provide courtesy vehicles while working on your Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Car Repair – Auckland

Mitsubishi Refinishing & Paint Work

With a long history of Mitsubishi paint repairs from 1960, our highly qualified team of five is the go-to for many local vehicle providers. Our refinishing and paint work is set at an affordable price point. If you’d like to touch up your vehicle or even commit to an entire respray and refresh of your Mitsubishi’s body paint, we can assure you of our keen attention to detail and colour matching, as well as the particular make of your Mitsubishi model. 

Mitsubishi Chassis repair

Mitsubishi auto repair is important in the case of a broken or corroded chassis, as this is integral to the structure and function of your vehicle. Various chassis repairs techniques may involve cutting out the corroded section and replacing it with a new chassis section, which will restore the original strength and structural integrity of the chassis frame and greatly improve your ride quality. We advise that you don’t wait to fix your chassis, as this may endanger your passengers and other vehicles on the road. We factor in your vehicle make and the repairs required when considering the cost of repairs.

Mitsubishi Dents and Collision repairs

Our Mitsubishi repair shop prides ourselves on our dent repairs and our quick turn-around for vehicle restoration. A cosmetic scratch may cause more hassle further along the line, as well as immediately depreciate your car’s value. We also specialise in collision repairs, providing top replacement equipment. Small scratches may worsen over time, and external cosmetic damage immediately depreciates the value of your Mitsubishi. Scratch removal is often much cheaper than replacing an entire body piece (e.g. a bumper), so please check with our Glenfield team for a free quote first before replacement. 

Mitsubishi approved specialist

Although it may be tempting to attempt repairs yourself, RJ Don Panelbeaters is a highly experienced Mitsubishi specialist. This means a detailed treatment of your vehicle, whether that includes welding, sanding, rust removal, or removing scratches with precision. Our lifetime guarantee protects your Mitsubushi and maintains its longevity and value. As an I-Car Gold Class Accredited Shop, we can raise the worth of your vehicle while guaranteeing our expert service. Using our services also ensures you are clear of insurance worries while experiencing superb fitment from our top suppliers.