Mazda Panel Beater

As Mazda panel beaters, our expert bodywork technicians carefully reshape the metal on a car’s body. It’s often the body that takes the brunt of an accident’s damage as panels on a car are designed to absorb the impact of a crash by cushioning the blow. With our latest servicing techniques and cutting-edge equipment, the cost is likely to be less than replacing an entire panel. We also ensure that your Mazda remains safe and retains its longevity with our lifetime guarantee. RJ Don Panelbeaters liaises with all major insurance companies to perform insurance repair work and to finalise our panel beating services.

Mazda Refinishing & Paint Work

Mazda Car Repair – Auckland

With a long history of Mazda paint repairs from 1960, our current professionally trained team of five is the go-to for many local vehicle providers. We cover all aspects of car refinishing and paint work, from resprays to expert Mazda paint touch ups for a seamless and durable finish. If you’ve had a logo change or you’re thinking of a whole new update to your vehicle’s fleet colour, please get in touch our Glenfield team and we’ll be happy to discuss the painting services we provide.

Mazda Chassis repair

The longer you wait to get chassis repairs, the more you put yourself, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road at risk. Our repair team covers removing, repairing, and replacing damaged panels as well as realigning the chassis. A corroded front chassis rail is a common problem, especially for Mazda MX5, Mk2 and Mk2.5 models. Our team replaces the corroded section with a new chassis section, which restores the original strength and structural integrity of the rail. We factor in your vehicle make and the chassis repairs required when considering repair costs. Because this can vary from vehicle to vehicle, we’d love if you came in and saw us in person to get a no-obligations quote for your Mazda.

Mazda Dents and Collision repairs

Attending to a Mazda scratch repair is just one of the services we provide as an I-Car Gold Class Accredited Shop. We understand the stress and uncertainty involved in accidents. Our panelbeaters provide you with courtesy vehicles while undertaking our dent repairs. There’s a quick turn-around for removing dents and Mazda collision repairs, as we aim to restore the aesthetics of your Mazda. All our services are completed with an expert understanding of each vehicle and its unique make. 

Mazda approved specialist

As a Mazda-approved specialist, we offer a total solution to solving insurance claims and carrying out repair work according to factory specifications and the high technical standards expected of Mazda. At RJ Don, we have a deep understanding of the inbuilt newer technology of Mazda vehicles, and will provide the exact equipment to restore your Mazda to its pre-accident condition. We also offer a lifetime guarantee, which means we’ll ensure your Holden remains safe and retains its worth.