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Car Crash Repairs – Auckland

If you’re a driver involved in a crash, what is the first action you should take? Here’s how you can better prepare yourself for an unexpected car accident. It’s always good to drive with caution on the roads, but there are some ways you can better ensure your security should you be involved in a car crash in NZ. Firstly, travelling with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a safety triangle kept in the boot of your vehicle can go a long way towards helping when you’re first on the scene to a traffic accident. Small details like these allow you to safely secure a scene and provide immediate aid to those who may be injured. Another huge step to take before you even get behind the wheel of a car is to make sure you have insurance. If you do have a car accident with no insurance in NZ, there may be large costs to pay if you are found to be liable for damages. Read on to discover more tips that can be handy to you when you’re dealing with a crashed car. 

Stop Your Vehicle 

Firstly, always stop your vehicle safely when there is a car crash and try to stay calm. Put your hazard lights on to warn other drivers and park out of the way of traffic, if safe to do so, before you exit your vehicle with care. Be sure to check on any other people involved in the road accident and begin to administer first-aid, if you feel confident in doing so. If there are serious injuries, immediately dial 111. Beware of broken glass, debris, smoke, and fire in your surroundings. Try to warn other vehicles and speak to anyone who may have seen what happened to act as a witness to your road accident.  

Report the Accident 

It’s important to record details of your car accident, once you’ve ensured that everybody involved is okay and that the scene is safely secured until help arrives. Take down the licence plate number, make and model of any other vehicles involved in the road accident. Exchange personal information to keep in contact with one another; name, address, phone number are all useful to have. Even better would be to know details of their insurance company and policy number, if possible. It may be difficult to focus on getting this information whilst you are still recovering from the immediate shock of an accident, but it will come in really handy later on when making an insurance claim. If any drivers involved are unable to cooperate, record whatever information you can about the vehicle and report your road accident to the police. 

File an Insurance Claim 

Once you’ve taken notes and photos of the accident to remind yourself of any important details that may have contributed to your accident later on, pass these onto the authorities to help determine who was at fault. Notify your insurance company of any damage to your vehicle, regardless of whether it may be cheaper for you to pay for minor repairs yourself. RJ Don is an approved insurance repairs provider, we liaise with all major insurance companies to perform insurance repair work and panelbeating services. We also offer refinishing and paint work to bring your vehicle back up to scratch-free. Our friendly team understands the hassle that filing an insurance claim can be, particularly following a traumatic car accident. RJ Don are happy to help you every step of the way, liaising with the insurer on your behalf to speed up the process of finalising repair work and payments. We’ll keep you up to date throughout the process while we do all that we can to get you back on the road safely in your newly repaired vehicle in no time. Get in touch today with RJ Don to discuss insurance work and repairs to restore your crashed car to fine working order.